5 Places You Can Find an Endless Supply of Businesses to Purchase

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If you’re looking for an endless supply of listings for online businesses for sale, look no further!

This is my personal list of websites I go to when looking to purchase a business.



Flippa.com is a website that allows people to buy and sell websites, eCommerce businesses, domain names, and app businesses. It is an online marketplace that caters to individuals and businesses looking to buy or sell digital assets.


This is the place where I found my 2022 acquisition, Christianforums.com and Christianityboard.com


The thing I love about Flippa is all the services they offer.

I was able to quickly find a lawyer to help me draft all the legal documents necessary to close the deal.

I also used their escrow service, which cost me absolutely nothing.

So I’m a massive fan of Flippa for those reasons.


My biggest concern with this platform is the amount of fraud going on.

There are a lot of low-level content sites for sale on Flippa that are clearly scams.


They find a way to boost traffic just long enough to sell and take your money.

So you want to be super careful if you’re using Flippa to purchase a content site.



This is the current cool kid on the block. It’s a very hyped marketplace doing basically the same thing as Flippa, but with a cooler design and not quite as many features.


I do love the design of the website and love all the SaaS companies you can find there. That seems to be their specialty.

They make it pretty easy to contact business owners and look at data that is synced and honest.


My biggest pet peeve with this platform is the multiples. There are a lot of clueless founders thinking they can charge a crazy multiple on their business.


So be prepared to negotiate because many of these business owners need to be brought down to reality.



EmpireFlippers.com is a website that offers a marketplace for buying and selling websites and online businesses.

The site offers various services, including website valuation, due diligence, and escrow services to facilitate the buying and selling process.


I put this site further down on the list but not because it is any worse. This site has some of the BEST features if you’re looking for a content business. With a few clicks of a button, you can get access to all the data you need, including Google Analytics data, to evaluate a website.


If I end up buying another content site, I hope that I can find one through this site. It’s probably my favorite.


Quiet Light

I reached out to this company when I was considering selling one of my companies.

They have a great hands-on approach, and their brokers are entrepreneurs themselves.


So I really like that aspect of the brokerage.


I also love how easy it is to get information on the business for sale. With a few clicks, you get the prospectus and all the necessary info to make a sound judgement on the business before talking to anybody.


They don’t really have too many businesses for sale at any given time, but I love the process and still a place I go to when looking to buy a business.


FE International

Last but not least, FE International. This is the place to go if you have a larger budget. You don’t typically see too many smaller businesses on here. Expect to pay at least $500,000 for a business from this website.


I will say I think they do a great job on the seller side.


If you have a business to sell, these guys take good care of you and put together a lot of stuff for you.

Including a valuation upfront.


So there you have it. My brief write-up for the different places you can go to find businesses to purchase.


There are more out there, like bizbuysell.com, but I am not very interested in local, physical businesses right now.

Perhaps, later on, in which case, I will update the article and let you know!


For now, I hope this gives you a good idea of where to look for a business to buy.

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